Day 18 #InternationalTraveling

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On to my day: Day 18: BOAT DAY! On this day in history we (the group I was chilling with) went towards Thun (pronounced T[h]une). Our goal was to get to Thun by boat on the Thunersee. It was a two and half hours of boat travel with fantastic views like this one: 13442125_1051102131621830_7289357154591077405_n

The water is a light blue-ish tint that reminds me of Raspberry slushy stuff. The clouds beckon the feel of sailing into the unknown. As you get closer they open up and expose more and more mountains. The black peaks loom over the coastal line. As the boat glides over the water I can look out and imagine seafaring. My inner being is ecstatic with adventure. For certain I am a creature of water. A water lover. Every fiber within me is giddy with childish joy. I want the sea, I am ready for boats, water, beaches, waves, and the sweet lull of the water hitting the sides of the boat.

Once we hit Thun we hiked up a ways looking for a castle that was noted to be in the area of this town. First we found a church, and the church was a beautiful church. Simple yet filled with various wood furnishings that gave it a fragrance of freshly cut cedar. The sweet lumber smell filled my nostrils as I walked in with my friends. We explored the church and finally left to continue the search for the castle, for I wished to storm a castle. Once we found the castle we charged in ready, and poised for battle… to find that the guards didn’t care, the castle was locked, but the doors would open for $10 CHF. Sadly I did not venture into the castle beyond the courtyard. There was some miscommunication that sent us in a crazy run down to the docks to find out we had another hour before the boats would leave. So we went exploring for an hour. I discovered many shops that were over priced… well in my opinion overpriced. Fun fact: Switzerland is like $$$$$ even for McDonalds. Nothing is “cheap” here. But everything is beautiful, tasty, and most things are great quality.

On the route back we nearly lost a companion due to the small window of time he cut it to before showing up. But in the knick of time he jumped on the boat and we sailed off into the lake. So our adventure was filled with laughter, pictures, singing in the rain, and me dancing with a yellow umbrella. How could one not have a fantastic time with all that glorious adventure?

Well this day closed with a call to my sister, DeAnna to wish her a happy 12th birthday and then hanging out with friends sharing old photos. It is really nice to watch this group of random people from all across America, who have one saviour, and one school in common come together and start growing into a family. To that I am ever grateful.

From the Alps with all the love that flies above them,

David Sager


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