Day 20 #InternationalTraveling

Holy freaking Moly, Dolly, Folly, Holly, of all Marble pedestals… Its day 20. Talk about surprise.

Yesterday I missed a recap, because I’m so awesome. haha… I’m so humble. Anyways, long story short I thought I was solo traveling on the boats for day 19, when by all happen-stance 6 people from our group (of nearly 40) showed up at the docks headed the same way. So we hiked, danced, watched people cliff dive, and I swam in the teal-ist water I have ever seen. The area we hiked up has a waterfall that is spread out and is one of the largest waterfalls I have ever seen. Then when were headed back was when I swam. After seeing cliff diving, and not participating, I could not hold back the urge of two days on a boat and not swimming in the lake. I jumped in, not once, but twice!! It was so cold that I could feel my heart beat slowing down. Nonetheless it was worth it.

After two days of boat adventuring, I agreed with myself to go to this Platte area. The goal was to hike around and chill. But once again my plans were accompanied by friends. Not that it was a bad thing, it was a fun thing. It is just intriguing how when I decide to go do something by myself because it no one is free/wants to, then I meet friends on the way to the same event. Its kinda cool.

Anywho, I’m tired, long story short we climbed two peaks and gazed deep into the mist that tried eating us.

Two beautiful, gorgeous days,

From David with Love!


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