Day 21 #InternationalTraveling

Sunday – The 19th of June, 2016 — I really wish we did star dates. Star Date blah blah blah. It would be so cool. More efficient in tracking things.

Today I woke up: Hallelujah, praise Jesus! Ever day is a new day. I ate breakfast and then we headed to church.

It was raining, like it has most days since we have been in Switzerland. Today was a slightly harder rain. I discovered this while standing at the bus stop waiting for our bus to take nearly 40 people to church. We navigated the bus system and the town Interlaken West with superb efficiency. Then we arrived at this little church that held English services, primarily for the tourists, and also for those who want practice in English. There were nearly 10 countries represented in this room, everyone comprehending and speaking English. It was amazing to have not only the Pastor of the church, but at least two other pastors of 50+ years, a former pastor tuned professor, and who knows what else in the room with nearly 30 students, plus a group of 31 Amish/Mennonite individuals. Talk about diversity! There were students from a Theology school in Germany, and Moody bible institute kids. The old, the young, the teens, and the college students, all gathered to praise the name of Jesus.

Tell me, who can transverse culture, age, experience, time, music tastes, and ethics to create a connection? I’ll tell you, there are multiple things that can. But the one that seems, to me, to be the best and most powerful is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One from the fall of Man, the destined one described by the prophets, the eternal Hypostatic-Union. –Hypostatic union : The term coined to describe the connection of Jesus’ humanity and deity.

To hear from two pastors, one from Ireland, and one from Switzerland was incredible. There is so much that these men of God said that, while basic, is so powerful. But see that is the glorious depth of the Christian faith. The revelations are in layers. While the most complicated theologies can be placed into simple milk for the new Christian convert they can also be fashioned into the deep steak dinner for the mature Christian. Incredible isn’t it? That you and I can read something, and gather so much content from it. One can gather the deeper and more profoundness of the simplicity.

After the service we headed back to Credo, and I then took a nap after lunch. Waking up right before dinner, then headed to class after dinner concluded my day. It was a good day.

-From the Swiss Alps, with Love, Peace, and Hope for a future,

David Sager


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