Day 22 #InternationalTraveling

Welcome to the day I’m at that mirrors my age. Today I got to hit up the town with Dr. Bryan Litfin. It was good to spend some good small group time with this man who has been known as “Daaaaaad” to us on the trip. His birthday was today, it was great to celebrate that with him.

Ah Mondays, why are you so evil? None the less we had a great day of classes. Five hours of classes. But with Dr. McDuffee time flies. The man is a genius and the way he communicates is mind blowing. If any Moody student can take any classes in the next two years with him I highly recommend it.

To be honest, dear readers, I’m at a stage today where my mind is perplexed. Within the confides of my mind I’m mulling over the complexity of my philosophy and theology. Beyond the basic beliefs of Jesus Christ, son of God,  crucified and raised to life I am examining all my beliefs. I am determined to not only develop my theology and philosophy, but to also put the ink to pen. In this age I need to develop my beliefs to hold to the determination and love I claim, and stand for the truths. I cannot waste my life in bliss and ignorance. There is no excuse to not develop the boundaries of my beliefs.

Yet this is the hard part, I’m stuck wondering what I truly believe. I’m never had more questions in my life. I’ve never had more doubts about my beliefs and whether I actually do believe what I claim to believe. No, I will not give up. I will search my mind and my soul knowing that the Lord will guide. God, all I ask is that I know you deeper, and more profoundly than ever before. Give me wisdom to show love and discretion, and to figure out where I am to stand in light of finding you.

In closure I will say be strong, courageous, hold onto the truths you find and be aware of the One True King.

Sweet Swiss chocolate love, from:

-David Sager


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