Day 26

When the internet is sporadic and at places you stay it sucks…. you might be in Southern Germany in a Youth Hostel. But who needs internet? We are so dependant on the luxuries of life. May we grow up and see our errors.

Any ways we are in Germany, we went to the Castle where Luther translated the New Testament into German. It is not in ruins, its a freaking castle! I love castles!

The bus rides have been long. And it is interesting to see how being surrounded by people isolating themselves, with headphones, make one to deal with their own internal thoughts. In one hand it is a welcoming bliss, on the other hand it is a lonely adventure of contemplation and reflection.

Honestly I am not a big fan of Germany so far. Besides for it being cheaper than Italy, or Switzerland you don’t get much. It’s harder to figure out what is being said, there are no mountains where we are…. no beach…. i’m craving something extraordinary, but All I can see is Midwestern USA in Europe form. Not anything worth dancing about. Perhaps the culture will change my opinion to a more positive one.

Anyways, the day calls for my attention. Good bye for now dear readers,

-David Sager


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