Day 28 #InternationalTraveling

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me take you on a journey of history. First we must recap the world around us and the events going on then I will jump into today’s adventures and the significance of it.

UK leaves the EU. What happens? Google search engine’s top search: “What is the EU”. Well ladies and gents, the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, and Wales fell under the vote and left the European Union. What does this mean? It means that Germany lost its big partner in the economic function of this Union. Which means Germany now has to support even more of the weight of the economic function. This leaving has created a huge uproar as many countries are now wanting to pull out of this economic structure. This puts all these countries in vulnerable positions as the world is becoming unsure on the status of Europe. Not to mention that to the East Russia is closing in on their old territories and not finding any major opposition. The real opposition was the EU, and guess what is falling apart? The EU. Do you see the issue? Now to provoke matters, while the Germans are feeling uneasy of the Russians they pull a NATO maneuvering with Poland near Russia. Military movements near Russia… now this may have been just a precaution but they did not plan well. Because the day they moved these forces was June 22, the 75th Anniversary of Germany’s 3rd Reich invasion of Russia. How do you think Putin will play to that? The Germans who gutted, and butchered Russians are moving military forces near their borders. This is not good people. This is a weird turn of events. You have the Germans who are nervous, and a nervous German country is not a good thing for the rest of the world. Also poking the Bear of Mother Russia is not good. If the UK does any drastic maneuvers like aligning itself with any of the old Alliances we could be looking at war in the near future. All of this is being stirred and fueling the Nationalist movements like Trump’s in America. Men and women, we are on the brink of War. Rumors of war and War. It may be inevitable.

Now to move to the next part of history in the making. Here is another significant piece of news that you won’t see on the alphabet soup of news that fails the people. Moody Bible Institute attended a service in the Lutheran church in Wittenberg, Germany. This church is where Martin Luther did several teachings. This church building is where the first Protestant service was held in 1522 AD or Common Era if you will (CE). But what is significant is that in the nearly 500 years of Protestantism the two denominations, Lutherans and Reformed (Calvin/Zwingli) church of Zurich have not celebrated together in communion, the Eucharist/Last Supper. But today, for the first time ever, the heads of these respective churches celebrated a sermon in this church building and did the Lords supper together, serving each other and partaking of each others! The first time in History, dear Saints, this is EPIC. This is the beginning. This is how we start to be a body of Christ, different yet unified and held together. We are the church and we need to be unified in the days ahead as War looms on the horizon. This should get your heart ready. WE are living HISTORY. One day they will look back, and see this as the day that the churches of the West began to bridge old gaps and Glorify Christ together. We may stumble and fall, but let it not be in our stance to be united as the body of the Church!

After that we played ultimate frisbee. As fun as that was, in light of the moment of History I just witnessed I cannot compare any event I have experienced to this. It is sobering Saints, God is at work. We must stand united. For divided we fall.

In the love of Christ, the eternal Son, the Saviour of the World, I salute you, dear Saints, from Germany,

David C. Sager


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