Events of Day 30 #InternationalTraveling

The events of the 30th day, but on the 31st posting.
Boom, talk about inception because technically on Chicago time it is still the 30th day.

Well today we took a day trip to Berlin, and got to see the Berlin wall, the US Embassy, and the Holocaust memorial. Overall a decent day.

First off I’m going to be blunt, Berlin, I didn’t see enough of you to impress me. You are a town that was decent to visit but I feel no inclination to come back to. Perhaps someone or some event will pull me back and you can impress me at another time.

Secondly The Berlin Wall is one scary memory. We watched several videos on the horrors of it. I’m telling you people, walls don’t just keep people out… They trap people in. Building walls is rarely the answer unless you are placing them for defense. But guess what? That would not help in the day and age we are in. Walls are easy barriers to blow through with tanks, planes, bombs, and missiles. So No I don’t think building walls on the South end of the USA is a good idea, Mr. Trump. But the wall of Berlin was torn down. It was a great achievement as finally after years, and years, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents were reunited for the first time in years. YEARS. This was not some easy game of, “okay not let me pass” and the oppressor letting you take your wills and place it above theirs. No, this was inhumane. This was warfare. Never, never, ever, ever get comfortable with injustice. Don’t accept it. Just don’t. Speak up for those who don’t have a voice.

Thirdly… This one is a bit harder to write, but I’ll give it a shot.
The Holocaust museum, though not very graphic (in terms of shocking or appalling images) was a hard hitter. My heart was breaking every sentence I read. I cried. Yes I cried. My heart wept, my mind, with its hyperactive imagination raced with the sounds of MILLIONS of lives crying out in agony from the Jews, from the disabled, from the ones who stood in the way of the “Perfect Nazi society”. My Heritage, Germany killed those people. Sure the Sagers had pulled out of Germany by as early as 1720 but still… This was my “native” land massacring these people. This was not all of Germany though. These acts of hatred, violence, and inhumane judgement were produced by a mindset of superiority that was founded on evolutionary science of races. I am telling you, this was not just. These people, the Jews, did not have a voice. When they cried out, the Nazis did not stop. The citizens of Germany did not rise above and fight for their fellow humans. Why? Because we let evil take the reigns. Far too easy is it to give up power and discover evil at the doorpost than it is to rise up and fight the devil in the courtyard of the night.

To get through the maze of events and still be walking was impressive for me. More than once I had to sit down with the feeling of being overwhelmed. More than once did I feel my stomach tighten and bile push itself into my mouth. I was sick. Sick of the evil. Tired of reading of the horrors of how they cut down not only the Men and women, but also the children. To read the accounts of what they did to the bodies and how, was utterly horrifying. I walked out of that small museum feeling so heartbroken, and lonely. Feeling sick to my stomach and emotionally drained. Lastly, I felt numb. Numb knowing that it was all in the past and I could do nothing to prevent it. It was in the past. All I can do is raise my voice and proclaim that Anti-Semmetic views are inhumane and unjust. Any annihilation or attempt of annihilation is simply terrifying. But what happens when good men are silent, or cut down? Evil spreads its wings to engulf more and more. Walking away from the museum I found myself in the maze of the Holocaust monument. Which on a side note is a weird monument. On the way through I was so exhausted and spent emotionally that I sat down and cried till I nodded off to sleep, only to wake up all alone,  feeling super tired 30 minutes later.

I think given the opportunity everyone should take the chance to go see this museum. Remember and teach the next generation of the horrors of the past, why? Because if they don’t understand why it happened, or that it even happened for that matter, how will they know right from wrong? We must teach them. We must be the voice. The voice of the voiceless, the cry of the righteous, the beacon of hope that shines brilliantly in this dark world. “For those who do not know the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Stand Men and Women, together, and let us never again allow such evil to be performed within our borders. May we light up and do the social justice we are called to do to enable all people to live without fear.

-David Sager


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