Day 34 #InternationalTraveling

The life we live in this present age is filtered by the culture that we stand in. Our eyes are locked in with binders. We are told to see and interpret the events of the past, present, and future on the basis of the hegemonic secular modernity. But what if that is not enough? We are now entering the age of Post Secular Modernity. We are in a the coming of a new era. One which will present us with questions that we never asked before, ones that will lead us to fight new fights in the place God has put us. Dear readers, are you ready for the shift to Religious Absolutism, the rise of Crisis of Authority, the push for hierarchical societies? I dare say that I am not sure how I feel about the rise of this, but this is the revolution of the philosophies at war. We need be wary as we push further.

Lets transverse back to the light-hearted fun stuff real quick: The past few days I have been in Regensburg, Germany which is a beautiful town mixed with old and new European architectures. Truly the only bad thing about Regensburg is the mosquito infestation that threatens the lives of the students as we are being eaten alive. You try dealing with Florida swamp level of mosquitos in Germany. Tis not my expectation of Germany. I did not anticipate this many bugs of torture. But one fun fact about Regensburg, they have one of the two debated oldest Bratwurst stands in Germany. This one asks for the technicality because it closed for the 30 years war (1618-1648) and reopened in 1651 or 1652. But it has been open ever since. The other one has been opened since the 1640’s and never closed. Well I tried the one here and let me tell you, after 450+ years of serving people Brats they know how to make Brats. But if I had to pick a favorite German town so far, Regensburg holds it. I like it, it is a quaint little town.

Yesterday we went to Nuremsburg. There we found many things in the old town that were cool. From the Cathedrals, odd fountains of naked people, and people doing demonstrations there was something for everyone. I stopped by and gathered some material from a Pro-Jewish awareness raising company. Across the street was another thing going on, a Mormon thing/table/event, and across the way was a Muslim rally proclaiming all the problems going on in the world (especially the Istanbul attack) on Jews. It was truly an eclectic gathering. But Nuremburg has many significant things. The guy at the Jewish table told us that we have no idea on all the significance this place has held. Here are somethings we learned from Dr. McDuffee, and Dr. Quiggle:

  • Nuremburg held prestige as a place where the Holy Roman Empire was held and ruled from.
  • Nuremburg was the place of Hitler’s headquarters for the Nazi party.

The 3rd Riech had many more issues with it than being a gain of power for one man. The Nazi party was drenched in opposition to socialism, western individuality, Christianity, and Judaism and her people. Not only was the Nazi a political and military power, but it was a religious movement. This movement portrayed Hitler as the hero to bring the German people out of darkness and into light. He was to be their Moses and Jesus. To learn from our professors about the history and tour the building and museum of the Nuremburg trials, which accurately point out the religious pull this Nazi revolution had gave us insights like never before. Dear saints, it happened once, it can happen again. We must break the hegemonic secular binders on our eyes and see truth about the past. Why? Because if you control Culture, you shape the view of the past, controlling the output of the future. Don’t be deceived as we move into this new era. “Those who do not know History are doomed to repeat it” – Edmund Burke.

That is what I am learning. Dr. McDuffee is brilliant at pointing out the connections in history. Truly I have not met a man who is able to see a big picture and point out the defining details and causes of the shifts of power, art, philosophy, and theology.

In close, welcome to July 2016! May it be grand!
From Regensburg, Germany with love,

David Sager


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