A letter to those with Senioritis

Dear Juniors, and Seniors,

This is to you who are on the brink of the next thing. The high schoolers going into college, the undergraduates going into the world, etc. This letter is for you.

First off keep strong in your studies. Don’t fall from academic excellence as you move towards the end of one adventure. Then secondly what I really want to hit home today: Don’t avoid, or tune out, or dismiss people and making friendships because you are so close to getting out.

Let me expound. There are many individuals I have met that were seniors so far at Moody Bible Institute that have “checked out” and they don’t even really try to make new friendships. Please do not be that person. Understand, God has placed you in the moment that you are with the people that are around you for a reason. Now I’m not saying go invest all your time to get to know everyone, but what I am saying is this: You never know who will be your greatest friends. You never know who will love you more dearly than a sibling. You never know how much someone needs that experienced talk and walk to guide them on their first steps. If you think for a moment that you are not capable of changing someone’s life by just small interactions, or that they cannot drastically alter your view than you dear reader need to take off your blinders and look around.

By what Authority do I write this? Experience my dear readers. See I’m in college round two. I just finished college freshman year for the second time, yet I’m just as old, if not older than most of the “came straight from high school” graduates of May 2016. I’m your age, and I have experience out in the “real world”. I have college experience. I have experience of watching people “check out” when they are about to move, about to change things in their lives, etc. From multiple countries, multiple states, multiple colleges, and multiple churches. My warning to you is: DON’T. There is a time for detachment. There is a time for using your energy wisely. But if you don’t seek to serve and make an impact in someone’s live, whether it be drastic or as small as a passing smile, then you are the one missing out.

Some of my dearest Moody friends from this past spring semester just graduated. I learned many things from them in the 4 months together, and I know some of them learned life lessons from me. That is my point. You should not give up because you are tired, leaving soon, don’t see the point, etc. What if you are the one person who makes a difference that saves someone’s life? What if you learn the most valuable life lesson from that freshman or sophomore, Junior, or Senior?

Dear reader, we live in a wold of social media. We live in an age of facetiming, skyping, emailing, texting, twitter, blogs, videos, youtube, etc. You may think you will never encounter that person again… and maybe you will not. But it never hurts to network and make an impact on people. Be that iron sharpening iron. Give wisdom and knowledge to those who seek it. Gain wisdom and knowledge from those who have it. They may be 18, but they might have the question that will change your world. Or they might be 22 going back to school and have advice for you. Who knows, they may be in their 50’s but decided they wanted more education and their words will be like the golden honey of live experience. YOU NEVER KNOW!

With that I leave you to your own thoughts, dear reader.
Hopefully you will find the edification from this and use it to sharpen your horizon. Till next time,

David Sager


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