Day 40 #InternationalTraveling 

I’ll briefly talk about the events past Monday, July 4th… but what happened July 4th has been emotionally challenging for our group to deal with. Especially me. I haven’t processed it well, and have been pretty drained from it. So I’ll start with that.

Monday, July 4th, 2016 we, Moody Bible institute students, were taken to see the Dachau concentration camp of the Nazis.

Dachau was the first and longest running of the camps. Opened from 1933-1945. I had a hard time going through the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. But this… this was the bigger picture. To see the stories, see the map of concentration and death camps. To see the pictures and videos of people, PEOPLE dying, dead, wasted by malnutrition. … I cannot even fathom. Even now remembering the place I can’t hold back the tears. Only a few places have ever shut me down emotionally and forced me to nap just to regain strength. This was one of them. Walking through the corridors and reading the information made me feel weak, and nauseous. I can’t put words to the atrocities man can do. If for by any reason on this green earth you think that man is inherently neutral or good…. i will disagree. It is acts like this that show us the capability of Man’s evil nature. Do you think they were monsters? Were the Nazis less human? 

Though they followed a different religious hegemony, and political policies than we do, what seperates us and them? How do we think we are any different? When we discriminate between color of skin and call it race. Race? Like as if we all aren’t HUMAN? Get over yourself world, we are all humans. We all are people with a heritage, DNA, and emotions. 

But I ask again, what seperates us from them? If you have a great answer then show it. I will state my opinion. The only thing that seperates us is a thin line of moral choice. A line that can easily be blurred and ignored.

I’ll put it this way, in the good ol’ USA, we have a rampant problem with race issues, and fear of Islam. And guess what? One president Nominee wants to build a wall…. the Berlin wall? No the great America – Mexico wall. But walls don’t just keep people out… they also trap people in. Remember that. The other candidate should be a convicted felon, but let’s put her into power. Why? Cause people who ignore the law really want equality for all. I am pretty sure that if you look into History the most outstanding points in the last 120 years that had those same ideas were the Russian Bolshevik revolution that put Lenin and the communist party in control of Russia; and put Hitler in charge of Germany. 

But what am I to say of these things? Who will listen to the crazed 22 year old who is reading histrory and seeing the reoccurring themes of history in today’s world. America, tread lightly, you are on dangerous soil. Who knows, maybe we will go for another civil war? Or maybe we will lose the freedom we have left to the dichotomy of political power that has abused its rights and gave us flops for candidates. 

May God have mercy on our souls.

But on a bright note, Jesus is still Lord. And that is what we muat hold to, dear saints. That is what we must proclaim. When life goes to Hell and a handbasket we still have hope.

Then after Monday I’ve just been in Regensburg exploring and fixing computers. I honestly love this town.

To all the readers, thank you, from Regansburg, Germany, 

David Sager 


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