Day 42’s activities #InternationalTraveling 

Well for me it’s now the 11th. But on the 10th i had some pretty cool adventures that I’ll tell you about. 

First off I’m currently in Prague, located in the Czech Republic. Rumors keep flying that the country changed its name…. but until its facebook official its Czech Republic. 😉

First it was breakfast, then we did a small Moody student led and Moody students/teachers attendance worship service. Which was really good. To anyone who does not believe in the power of corporate worship you need to reread your Bible and get out of your head the hegemony of secular modernity because we are in the shift (technically its already been started for a while) into post secular modernity. 

After our beautiful service we gathered ourselves for an adventure into the downtown old Prague area. Once there we walked around a bit before splitting up to find luch, cause how often can you find a place to sit 23+ people on a busy day?

Dr. McDuffee explained that there was this bridge called the Charles bridge that was a must see. So David Charles Sager made sure he was going to see that. I went off like a speeding bullet, faster than a train, or a car, or…. okay I just wish i was that fast. I just kept walking. Eventually i found my bridge and discovered that my indecisive behavior with buying can be a great haggling tool. I picked up a souvenir for 50% the vendors price. All because I was indecisive and didn’t have the full amount in Czech currency. Yet both parties were happy at the end of the transaction! 😀 I just am so lovable. Haha! I’m too funny.

After that I experienced the true meaning of winding Europe streets as I got turned around and kept pressing farther, and farther away from the group. Finally I found a metro station and decided that since i might not find another one for a long time I needed to take this one.

I got back fine. Then i went grocery shopping. Why? Because I have a distrust with Eastern Europe tap water. Something that was instilled into my mind from a young age. So i need my bottle, purified water.

Then we closed out the day waiting for two girls from our group to show up. Apparently they were supposed to be arriving by 6pm. But that didn’t happen. So between opm and 10pm a lot of us were trying to reach them via messages  (that they wouldn’t get till they were on wifi), and researching their trains. I om the other hand started google searching for ways to triangulate a phone with satellites while its on airplane mode. If I was unsuccessful, I was going to call out my big gun connections to figure out if it was possible, if so then triangulate them and go find them. And if we couldn’t I was just going to go around the train station to find evidence of them. But none of that had to happen because they showed up around 10:30pm. 4.5 hours late because they miscalculated. So parents, don’t worry, everyone is safe. I try keeping an eye out for them and a ear to the ground. They need someone who grew up overseas in a Eastern European city to help the, so I figure I’ll do what I can.

From the city of Prague to you,

David Sager 


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