Day 44 #InternationalTraveling

The beginning to the 44th day. Prague is nice. Well the old city is nice. Yesterday me and my friend Jackson ate an authentic Czech meal. I found a restaurant recently that offers authentic meals. It was wonderful.

The weather currently is raining. A little colder than the days past, which is nice. I prefer not dying in the heat. But the small amount of humidity, unlike the Midwest that has an absurd amount, gives way to a hot yet pleasant environment. Of course Due to the previous 90 degree weather (Fahrenheit) we have become more burnt than we realized. Ah welcome to the Sun, Vitamin D and radiation at its finest.

Anywho, lots to do, explore the city, have a worship night, and contemplate more on the Trinity of God.

Peace out from Prague!

David Sager


One thought on “Day 44 #InternationalTraveling

  1. Thank you again for your lively description of all your adventures. Keep writing, capturing your thoughts in every moment, before long the trip will end.

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