Day 47 #InternationalTraveling

Last full day in Prague: I slept and studied. Why? Because 3 hours of sleep is not enough to survive for long.  The question is what kept me up? Passion. Passion and fire going on in my mind. I am driven by the excitement of what I have been reading. Like a flame building its passion I start building from spark to flame to forest fire. My tongue itches, my fingers burn. I’m ready to spit out what I have to say and take on the world. But the question you might be asking is, what has me all riled up?

Well there are many reasons that have built up to it but here is the small, condensed, and sweet version: I have made a request before God. He has answered, but has showed me that it will not be easy, and I will have to work hard, and long for it. Leading into that as we are studying Systematic Theology, Dr. Clark has showed the dots for the most profound thing that I have been searching for, but didn’t realize the big elephant sitting in front of me.

See for the past two years I’ve been doing a self searching. I lost something in myself, and I wanted to figure out who I was. Never before did I feel lost, but now… Now who am I? Everything about me changed. My personality, my preferences, my actions, how I relate to others. In the process, I turned internally and searched for answers. Why? because I wanted to know where I had disappeared. Over the two years I lost touch with how to relate to people well. Because I did not know only who i was, but also anything other than myself was a topic that I did not study in depth. The longer I searched the further I found no answer.

A few days ago I was hit with the realization that to find myself, I must die to self, and search for Christ Jesus. In class two days later, I learned that only by the illumination from Christ, who knows me best can I find myself.  Talk about a smack of divine revelation. So simple. So short. Yet so profound. It doesn’t stop there though. Not only do I find myself in Christ but I also see the incarnation, God Himself, the Father in the Son. To know the Father I must know the Son. This is part of Christology, the study of Christ.

Imagine my excitement as I start to piece together the dots, of not only realizing I have to search Him to find me, because we are relational creatures. We also seek Him to find more of the picture of the trinity, the Father, and the Spirit. Christ is the center of our enlightenment. He is our access point to the Father. We cannot perceive Him in a way that we decide who He is to us, or what He can do for us, but we come before Him. We answer to Him. Reason will be brought before the presence of God and be held accountable. So how then should I understand who He is? Who is the Trinitarian God of the Bible? How do we know what He is like? We see Him in the second person of the Trinity, Christ.

Now Christ, the Son, has a great many things to teach us. He is also our mediator, and co-worshiper of the Father. He is our intersession! Our high priest. But get this!!! God is Trinitarian. 3 in 1. Three divine persons, one divine essence. This is extremely important and plays out in Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves. A fantastic intro and first chapter. I highly recommend it. This book, chapter one, is what kept my mind racing causing me to try anything and everything to fall asleep. I was so excited to read about how the Trinity relates to one another, and how that affects us. But the profound thing for me was this: The preexistence of God, the Trinity, implies that the relational words we describe the trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit, are only the foreshadowing of what they truly are. The Father-Son relationship preexists Fathers, and sons. Think about that. Before God created the Heavens and the Earth God the Father had such a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son, that He created humans to have Father-Son relationships as an example of their relationship. Mind blown. Did you track with me?

Honestly I don’t even know if I’m making sense right now, I’m so excited and wishing I could type as fast as I think. God the Father, has a love so profound for God the Son, that He not only creates The Father-Son relationship, but in His love for the Spirit as well God creates Male and Female. This relationship describes partially the Father-Son relationship, but more deeply describes the Triune relationship. You can only take in as deep and profound thoughts as you allow but I’m feeding you the tip of an iceberg here. Go run with it!

My mission, is finally being clarified once again. With determination to come to Moody Bible Institute I Sought to understand my faith. I wanted to know more. Here I stand eight months later, there have been rough patches for sure, lots of growth, but I am seeing the bigger picture. I know what I need to study to see my God, and My King. I start with Jesus.

-David Sager, in Prague


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