Day 51 #InternationalTraveling


Once again I bring to you the events and rants from Regensburg, Germany. After Prague we headed back to our little Youth Hostel in Regensburg. We have been relaxing with tons of reading for Systematic Theology and five of the twenty-eight students have been living in their books for Apologetics. Well… I take that back, they, in consideration to what the other twenty-three of us have to read is similar, but we (the Sys Theo I students) are being pounded with life changing truths. It is amazing. Oh to speak of the Trinity and the revelation we are receiving from the Holy Spirit as Dr. Clark walks us through it.

-Moody Students, Take Systematic Theology I with Dr. Clark. Then follow it up with Dr. Johnson, I hear he is fantastic. They are like the Theological Dynamic Duo. –

Today we on a boat to Walhalla, a Greek temple built on a hill off of the Danube. It has long since been retired as a temple for active worship and has been a museum of influential individuals in the development of United Germany. There were busts of people’s heads all over. Ranging from philosophers, to composers, Martin Luther to Katherina II the Czarina of Russia. It was a truly interesting experience. Which we had to climb 300 stairs to reach…. Stairs… the mortal enemy of those with knees that aren’t fully 100%.

-Protect your knees! You never know when you will have issues start creeping up. –

I wonder how many people still look at this pagan temple and realize it still serves the same purpose it used to. Sure there isn’t any live sacrificing or adoration of an ancient god, but the idolization of these individuals is/was- you get it, past and present tense- is borderline if not completely pagan worship of reason, logic, humanity, and self. I’m not saying that this isn’t a nice way to honor our ancestors of old who have done much for our world, but it felt a little like idol worshiping to me. The modern rationalism of humanity altered upon the old pagan temple hill. Suspicious isn’t it?

Well there is only a week and a half left of our Europe trip. I find this saddening. While some of those on the trip are ready for home, their accounts are low, they miss their family, they miss America, or whatever, I find it the opposite. For me I’ll miss Europe. I’ve not felt this “home” in a while. Europe just feels right. Like walking into your home after a long while away. It feels good. It feels welcoming. Prague really made me feel that as I heard, saw, and read many things similar to Russian and actual Russian language. I’m so close… Moscow, I would love to see you… but this trip will not permit it. Another time. We’ll embrace again.

Since it is rather late and I have an oral exam tomorrow, I bid thee a wonderful day.

-David Sager,

P.S. To Theo’s Mom, Theo says, “Hi!” and sends his love.


One thought on “Day 51 #InternationalTraveling

  1. Thank you for posting his picture! I have almost forgotten what he looks like😂 Love all your wonderful descriptions and writings, enjoy the last few weeks of stay! Make everyday purposeful and memorable!

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