It is well, or Is it well?

The song “It is Well” is such a beautiful song. “It is well, with my soul…” it talks about that no matter what that person goes through it will be well with their soul all because of Jesus. They can endure life because of Jesus. All the trials, pains, aches, deaths, and treachery will be endured because of Jesus. At the same time it also means enduring all the happiness in life and staying focused on Jesus.

Of course we all will sing things we do not necessarily mean. How many of us truly mean the words when we sing these words? This past week I’ve been sick. Miserably sick. Sick enough that during my dark hours of the night while struggling not to go into a coughing fit that steals my breath I began to think that the thoughts, “What if I never get over this? What if I had to endure this till the day I die?”. As soon as the thought entered my mind I quickly dismissed it with mentally giving up saying, “I wouldn’t continue living.” I would not want to go on.

Then yesterday night I went to a worship night on Moody campus and I could not sing. The sickness had stolen my voice. Instead I just listened to the words of the songs. Then “It is Well” came on. I thought back to the trouble the writer had to endure. Could I go through that and still pour out my soul the way he did? Then my night thoughts came back to mind. I could feel the provoking thought, “David, Is It Well with your soul? For Jesus could you keep pushing through life even if you felt the way you did physically till you die?”

Talk about a heavy hitter. Am I willing to endure for His sake? That’s a good question. When life is peachy we are all good to roll ahead, but what about when it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, when you’re sick, when death of loved ones happens, and when Murphy’s Law does a drop kick to your life? How about then?

Well that’s my thought for you, Are you willing to endure anything for the sake of Jesus? If not, should you stop singing those lyrics?

Have fun pondering!

-David Sager


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