The walk back


The Walk Back – By David Sager

The night was young, the cold weather had begun.

The carols were sung, now to walk back since the concert was done.

Alone I trudged through winter’s icy grip.

No friend or family to sooth the lonely trip.

By chance a boy and a father were walking the same way,

Before long I heard the father say,

“Isn’t it beautiful, son?”

The boy tried to follow his father’s eyes,

But all that he saw was bare trees, and city skies.

Now I was catching up, for in place they stood to look up.

My feet carried me along the way,

My body cold and not wanting to stay,

But as I passed I heard the father say,

“Sometimes beauty is found by enduring the pains of today.”

What meaning was this?

Some confucius bliss?

The little boy must surely be confused, I thought.

For the meaning of it, even I had not caught.

The father continued on,

“It is like this son,

If you never have resistance and trials,

How will you ever understand beauty when it smiles?”

My feet had stopped and my eyes looked up,

I wondered what had choked me up.

Till I heard a still small voice behind me say,

“Like God’s love for us by sending Jesus?”

There was laughter from the father as I heard him say,

“Son, that is exactly what I was going to say.”



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