I am convinced year after year that I go through that there are far more solutions to any issue than are presented. Moreover I would dare to say, that half of the issues we deal with in our little spheres are in fact potentially easy to solve. Then further, even in our world I think there are potential solutions to our world issues:

  • Poverty issues
  • Sexism issues
  • Race issues
  • The Refugee crisis
  • Environmental Crisis and Issues
  • Technological advances, ethics, and standards
  • Health issues

In fact I’ve decided that I believe many different people have perfectly good solutions that could further the peace, unity, and betterment of humanity. Currently I would even dare to say we have in place a wonderful potential to let these people speak into the problems with their solutions, for the whole world to see. Yet… even with that, I believe this is what has happened:

  • We have been over stimulated with information
  • We’ve only given voice to the loud and overly opinionated
  • We have isolated ourselves to our spheres of similar tribal thought and avoided different perspectives that would help us grow, and understand the bigger picture better

All this is of course my opinion. Based on how often people talk, but do not listen. Factored into my own experience when I try to suggest, or have a solution but no one wanted to hear my option/solution. I have seen others go through the same thing. Can I prove it? No. But I can challenge you to go into a room with a bunch of people ask a question and ask people to give you feedback or a solution. Watch how a marginal portion of the group will instantly speak up, and go into the debate. Then notice how some people will not add their opinion. Some of them are taking time to process it, some know that no one will listen because they are not loud or authoritative. I dare you to stop and give them a voice. To let those who usually do not have a voice to have a voice. Just wait and see. Something might be said that changes the game.

-David Sager


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