Land of the Equally Free?

What in the world happened?
Where did all this hate and racism come from, oh Land of the Free?
Did you forget your idealistic standards? Did you let go of your standards and honor and trade it in for bitterness, hate, and confusion?

What about you dear reader?
When did it hit you that the world changed?
Has it not always been this way?
Have you always been unaware?

No, the world has not changed.
The change is you are not in your small bubble anymore.
In the change of a decade, the black mirror has shown us who we are…
Fallen, degraded, hateful creatures.

The change is you see a bigger picture.
Focusing on the bark of one tree, and the ants on it does not work anymore.
Technology showed us the bigger picture
That we are in a giant rainforest with so much more life than our isolated bubble.

Just because it has been so for a long time does it justify the hate?
Just because things have never been perfect does it excuse the behavior demonstrated by the hateful groups?
No. It does not….
But silence is just as guilty.

Edmund Burke is quoted as saying,
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

If you stay silent, are you not guilty of letting the hate and evil run rampant?
If you stay silent, who will defend you when you become the object of another’s hate?
Oh Christian, can you justify the silence when people are attacking others who are made in the image of God?
Do you truly believe all people are equal when you don’t stand for equality for all?

Free speech? That’s nice.
Exercising free speech to hate others and dehumanize them? That is disheartening.
Is there hope? Can we as humans finally overcome racism, and hate?
Is that not the gospel? The good news of Jesus and His salvation that is for Everyone?
Oh Christian, stand up. Stand with your brothers and sisters of humanity.
Give them a voice. Give them a future. Give them your unity.
Why? Because they, like you, are human.
Do not let evil triumph because you are silent.

As a human, do not stand hatred, and racism.
If you are a Christian, the faith you hold was founded on breaking down those walls.
Please, talk to people and see their perspective. Listen, but do not be afraid to call people to a higher standard of community. When you do, you must demonstrate it. Live, Love, and make a future that is brighter than today.


-David Sager


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